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Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Optimization is the placing of keywords in proper context on the web pages and in the hidden search engine code for a web site to be found at the top of search engine results. SEO also includes exterior influences of incoming links, blogs, social media and other methods for increasing the visibility of a web site.

Captain-Net does SEO work within search engine guidelines, not using improper methods that can result in a penalty and lower search engine rankings. Captain-Net also knows the pitfalls to avoid in web page design for better search engine standings and can correct these deficiencies.

Web Site Search Promotion is the registration to search engines, announcement sites and monitoring of results and re-registration at five to six week intervals. In addition, the owner of the site should seek out community resources, professional associations, vendors and other non-competitive sites to link theirs to.

First time registration requires keywords or phrases and a twenty-five words or less description to be used in a hidden code as well as in the actual registration process. The keywords and description are used by many of the engines to rank your site in relevance of ranking. In the future, these words and description can be changed to match changes within the site.

The top search engines are targeted by submitting a site to each engine. The viewers are using only the top fifteen engines among the hundreds available. Promoting to others results in email bombardments requesting useless "upgrading" of your listing. A good search engine is only interested in keeping up with high quality sites of ranking relevance, not selling unwanted services. The engines then send a computer robot program which examines the site and makes available to the engine database your site, description and information.

Not all of the engines use robot programs. Some, such as Yahoo! and Google, have an actual person examine the site for quality of content, all internal links working, no "In Construction" pages unfinished and the like. Then, the decision is made whether or not to list your site.

Many search engines have paid programs such as Pay-Per-Click, Paid Inclusion, or other services that will enhance search engine standings. Careful consideration should be given to these programs to promote a web site.

The top search engines Google, Yahoo!, MSN and others are used for registration of a site for the maximum results. Monitoring results and re-registration to keep the listing current and moving up the ladder to the top ten results of the first page is the goal. With proper preparation and continual re-registration, your site will be successful in bringing in viewer traffic interested in what you have to offer.

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