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Life After Yachting

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by Richard George

Life After Yachting

    Discovering a Life after Yachting was a gradual process for me. After five years as a boat owner and ten years as a charter captain, the time came to move on to newer things.

    Never having burned my bridges or harbors as the case may be, I used the extensive contacts I had in the yachting world to start a maintenance management company with three to seven employees and five to twenty boats in management.

Connections made through being a boat owner and charter captain ultimately led to an Internet education and a blossoming business.
    Reliable and concienceous service is always in demand and my company soon was kept busy by the world reaching needs of Fraser Yachts. I was still able to do the odd delivery as a part of my services and still enjoyed captaining part time for my full time clients.

    After six years of maintenance management it was time to try something new. To reduce time expended on accounting and other financial matters I had invested in my first computer. The internet was starting to catch on and I could see that the idea of any computer anywhere being able to communicate with another in the business world was a sure winner.

    One of my clients in maintenance management had just started the first internet provider in Fort Lauderdale. I asked him about the internet and he said, “Come on down to the office and you'll learn more than you'll ever want to.” I took his offer seriously and spent time on a volunteer basis learning about the internet and how to apply the many facets of communication to business.

    Then it was time to make the plunge. I trimmed down the number of active boats, placed them in safe moorings with supervision and went into seclusion in a home in the woods with a phone connection and a will to learn html basics. A month later I returned and started writing web sites and doing site maintenance on a subcontract basis.

    I started Captain-Net and my first account was the first crew agency online. How thrilled we were when we reached a thousand users a month! Today we typically see 15,000 users in a month for a site like this. Now I am full time as an internet consultant and have over 100 clients to work with.

    Using my long term contacts from yachting has been the most important part of success in life after yachting. If you want to get off yachts someday, don't burn your bridges.

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